Ruff House

Before we can do anything to your pet, we need updated vaccine records for Rabies, Bordetella, and Distempered Parvo

Our Services

The Grooms

Full Groom

This consists of bathing, shaving, nails, and ear cleaning. Our princes start at $45 and go from there depending on the size of your dog. Contact us for an accurate price!

Mini Groom

This consists of bathing, nails, and ear cleaning with light grooming. This is when you don't want any length taken off of your dog, just cleaned up. Contact us for pricing.

Our Services



Don't want your dog groomed, but just want them bathed and nails done? This is the option for you! We will bath your furry friend, clean their ears, and trim their nails. Contact for pricing.


Just want your dogs nails trimmed? We do that, too! For $5 we will trim your dogs nails with no appointment necessary!

Anal Glands

Has your dog been itching at their backside or have you noticed a certain unpleasant smell. It might be their anal glands and you can bring them in for that to be taken care of. Contact for pricing.

Sanitary Shave

Just want your dogs face, belly, and behind shaved? We will do that too. Give us a call for pricing and appointment details.

Our Services

Add-Ons and Upgrades

Shampoo Upgrades

We offer a range of shampoo upgrades from de-shedding shampoo to Oatmeal baths. Tell us what you are looking for and we will tell you the shampoo we have for it and the price of the upgrade.

Flea Bath

Has your furry friend been itching all over due to fleas? We will give them a flea bath for only an additional $5.

Nail Grinding

Is your dogs nails a bit too sharp, even when you get them trimmed? We offer nail grinding to take the sharpness out of the nail. This can be a-la-carte or an upgrade to a groom or bath. Please contact us for pricing info.

Nail Painting

You like color on your nails, right? What about your pup? We do nail painting and colored nail caps for your dog. Contact us for more info and pricing!