We offer indoor suites for your dogs boarding pleasure. We have five 6x6 suites, one 8x6 suite and one 3x5 suite. All are central heat/air temperature controlled. The six larger suites have doggie doors with shaded patios for the nice days. In extreme temps, all dogs are kept indoors. The smaller room does not have access to outside and is generally used for small, timid dogs.

We offer bathroom breaks every 4-5 hours in our 80' grassy runs located in the back of the building. All dogs are fed twice a day and fresh water is available at all times. We ask that all dogs bring their own food due to food allergies and prevention of upset stomachs associated with change of food.

All dogs should be up to date with their annual vaccinations and proof is required. 

Required are the following:


Kennel cough


All dogs are required to bring food and shot records upon check-in, however, other items that might make the dog feel more comfortable are encouraged as well. Please mark all items with a sharpie. 

Boarding rates are $20 per night for first dog; 1/2 rate for 2nd and 3rd dog in same suite for families with multiple dogs

Drop-Off/Pick-Up Hours:

Monday 8 am ~ 6 pm

Tuesday 8 am ~ 6 pm

Wednesday 8 am ~ 6 pm

Thursday 8 am ~ 10 am or 5 pm ~ 7pm

Friday 8 am ~ 6 pm

Saturday 8 am ~ 10 am or 5 pm ~ 7pm

Sunday 8 am ~ 9 am and 5 pm ~ 7 pm

Holidays Follow Sunday's schedule for drop off and Pick up.